Kid Picks

Britannica Learning Zone

Pre K - 2nd grade. Activity-centered learning to explore, play, read, and build technology skills. Letters, numbers, geography, shapes, and much more are included. 

Britannica School - Elementary
Grades 3-4. Find information on countries, animals, and people in articles, media, and a world atlas.  Watch and learn with videos, games, and activities.

Britannica School - Middle
Grades 5-7. Homework help and discovery learning. Explore maps, photos, articles, famous people and places, compare countries, and tour the U.S.A.

Early World of Learning 
Recommended for: Early elementary. Learning about colors, numbers, and other fun things. Strengthen reading foundations with stories, activities, and videos. Includes materials for educators. For ages 3-8

World Book Kids
Easy to use online encyclopedia in eight major subject categories: Arts, History and Government, People, Places, Plants and Animals, Science and Mathematics, Sports and Hobbies, World Religions. Has full-featured pictures, sounds, and videos. 

World Book Online
Premier online reference source containing every article from the 22-volume print edition plus state-of-the-art multimedia, maps, and editor-reviewed web sites.