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Enter the title & author of a book you just finished and Book Seer will generate recommendations for your next read.

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Social network for book lovers - catalog your book lists and share with others.

Michigan Notable Books
Yearly listings of the notable books highlighting Michigan people, places, and events.

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Keep track of books you have read and books that you would like to read. This service is brought to you by The Library Network

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Find the next title in your favorite fiction series.

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Similar to BookSeer but recommendations are generate by "likes" of registered members.

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Describe the kind of book you're looking for by specifying the "degree" of prominent characteristics or plot points. Results are a little more unpredictable, so expect the unexpected!

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Free Booknotes
Book summaries, literature notes, and study guides.

Project Gutenberg
Full text classic books (eBooks) for free.

Study guides for the classics.