Voting Information

A one-stop resource to a wide variety of campaign and political information at the local level. Curated by a staff of professional writers, editors, and researchers striving for neutrality and a nonpartisan perspective.

C-Span Video Library
Offers 223,000 hours of video updated on a daily basis. Historical content includes debates, speeches, rallies, and more

Can I Vote
Find information about elections in all 50 states, such as registration deadlines, absentee voting guidelines, and polling locations. Created by the National Association of Secretary of States.

Citizens Research Council of Michigan
Nonpartisan, factual analysis of public affairs issues including ballot proposals for statewide elections.
This website monitors the factual accuracy of statements made by and advertisements on behalf of major U.S. political figures.

League of Women Voters of Michigan
Citizen resources and other links on voting and political issues in Michigan.

Michigan Voter Information Center
Locate your polling place and find other voting-related information.

Find campaign contributors and campaign finance data, background information on lobbying, interest groups, and political action committees (PACs). OpenSecrets is a product of the nonpartisan research group Center for Responsive Politics. (The Political Guide)
Find information and political positions on representatives and senators in all 50 states. Poligu is nonpartisan and receives no funding from any party or candidate.

Another nonpartisan project that monitors the factual accuracy of political statements.

Displays tweets that have been published and since deleted by local and national U.S. politicians and political candidates.

View sample ballots and verify voter registration.
Learn about the candidates on your ballot in this online voting guide form the League of Women Voters.

Citizen's organization dedicated to providing accurate, unbiased information on political candidates.

U.S. Election Assistance Commission
Find election calendars and voter registration forms, and access surveys and studies about U.S. elections.

Official Political Party Websites

Democratic Party

Republican Party
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Green Party

Libertarian Party