Modern Homesteading

These days most of my time is spent in the garden, planting, watering, pruning, eradicating pests and of course weeding.  I do love weeding by hand; there's something so satisfying about being down in the dirt to pull those pesky weeds out, roots & all.  However, it takes a lot of time & effort.  Lately, I've turned to my favorite garden tool for help, although I'm not entirely sure it was a tool intended for gardening.  My son calls it the "wicked tool".  
It's a long handled, double sided hoe looking something or other.  On one side is a two pronged fork while the opposite is a flat sharp blade, similar to a hoe.  I have no idea how I came to own it and I feel like it may be intended for another use, but I just love it for getting those deep rooted weeds like dandelions and thistles or the little weedlings sprouting between those closely planted crops.
staff with gardening tools          garden tools

Modern Homesteading: Kitchen Scraps update!  
The potatoes are thriving.  The russet potatoes were planted about 3 weeks ago and have really taken off in this humidity.  
The sweet potatoes that were sitting in water for about 6-8 weeks each grew a single slip (a new plant with it's own leaves & roots).  Sadly, one of them did not survive the move to the garden, but after a slow start the 2nd slip is taking off.
Both varieties pictured here are planted in a mound comprised of layered straw & compost.  Then the mound is covered in grass clippings to hold in moister & keep weeds down.

Happy planting!
plants          plants and grass