Virtual Podcast Brunch Club, This month's theme is: therapy. Thursday June 18th 11:00 am - 12:30 pm. Please register.

Please join us at Podcast Brunch Club on Thursday, June 18 at 11:00 AM for our monthly look at some interesting podcasts.  This month’s time will be taking a look at the Therapy.  Please listen to these selected podcasts and join us on GOOGLE MEETS / ZOOM for a lively discussion.  It does not matter if you have listened to one podcast, all four of them, or all of the bonus episodes as well.  We look forward to hearing from you and having your input at our brunch club.  


We all know that health is important. But, oftentimes we limit our perception of health to that of our physical body, rather than emotional health and well-being. Meanwhile, anxiety, loneliness, and depression have become pervasive problems. Professional help to cope with mental health problems comes in many forms. This month’s podcast listening list looks at various forms of therapy and how they may/may not help people cope with mental health struggles.

Podcast Listening List on THERAPY 

Podcast: Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel
Episode: I Can’t Give You A Child (December 2017, 45 min)
Esther Perel, a well-known therapist, expertly guides a couple whose desires for children are not aligned.

Podcast: UnErased: The History of Conversion Therapy in America
Episode: 3. Dr. Davison and the Gay Cure (November 2018, 38 min)
The story of a man who sparked the downfall of gay conversion therapy.

Podcast: Last Day
Episode: 17: Trauma (with Dr. Gabor Maté) (January 2020, 48 min)
“Nobody’s saying that every traumatized person becomes addicted. I’m saying that every addicted person was traumatized.”

Podcast: Terrible, Thanks For Asking
Episode: Maybe You Should Talk to Someone (May 2019, 49 min)
The story of a psychotherapist’s relationship with her dying patient.


Bonus Episodes

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